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Performance festival 24 - 26 august
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Peptalk performance crew.

Henrik Hedinge, Augusto Sergio, Johanna Gullin, Oskar Olsson and Sebastian Franzén.

During the spring of 2007 we have hold a couple of workshops at Massma with participating artist from Karlskrona, Malmö and Gislaved


  Augusto Sergio brasilian, performance artist. Studied theater and art.today he lives in sweden and works with street teater, with some comics and crazy characters

On saturday he made performances togehter with Henrik Stenberg in Karlskrona.They made several walks around the block of konserthuset, Kalipedaplatsen and Ronnebygatan, playing flutes and drumming.
Augusto Sergio solo performance onstage at the square in Ronneby.


Henrik Hedinge mixes performance art with standup comedy. He often refers to classic performance pieces but gives them a humoristic twist. In Ronneby he invited the audience to sing the "lyrics" written on the back of a italian shampoo bootle . It became a like an Dada event with local talents and united shower singers.

On saturday Henrik Hedinge organised the first championship in his newly invented sport, Banana tennis. Sweden vs Denmark in a thrilling match that was played in front of Klaipeda platsen in Karlskrona. Oskar Olsson, sweden finnally won the game against Krisitan Björn Wester from Denmark.


Johanna Gullins
silent action wasnt left unnoticed by many bypassers. She brought a silent profession into an expressive context, turning public life into an indoor scenery.

In his lyrics Mr Perfect brings to surface the unambiquity and anarchy that is hidden behind our everyday saying and conventions. In Ronneby he made improvisations of his lyrics together with Sergio on drums and flute, Pontus Gunwe on guitar, Henrik Stenberg on vocals and flute and Mikkel Moihrs with his loopsc. At the end of the evening it all went into a huge cresendo of really loud, physical sound and Sebastian and Henrik Stenberg preaching the word "offentliga rummet", public space.


offentliga rummet

Oskar ohlsson

Sätter ihop vardagliga saker som t.ex en jacka till kan bli en mänsklig skulptur.

Looking for possibilities in clothing and everyday objects to extend our bodies .Living sculpures

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