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Performance festival 24 - 26 august
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Non Grata / G.N.O.P.t "Estonian history lesson"

Non Grata outside the church of Ronneby on friday 24 of augustaarel K

sport, cnopt, knopt, s.p.o.r.t.,k.n.o.p.t, Citius.Penis.Overweight.Rotten.Tired.
You don t have to write the name of the group the same way and you can change it in the name of widening its meaning in a certain situation. The name doesnt mean anything in preticulor, it s just being ironic of conceptualism.The group is open. the member of the group is a person, who has wanted to participate in cnopts actions and in a present moment is active in groups activities.

The goal of C.nO.P.t. is to create art like situations, environments, make comments about processes, taboos, fobias, hotspots in society. Ask questions about rules of aethics by using absurd situations, manipulation of public oppinions, confrontations in a combination of fixing the world with anarchistic egocentrism. Meaningless objects and actions are given meaning and vice versa- meaningful objects can be seen as absurd in grand scale.
Manipulation with mass media. Confusion, chaos, wrong principals, playing with anonymity in name of pure creation.
the group conciders most important and values the power of art. Its non specific being and flexibility- gift of asking questions about itself and creating bridges with other human practices. Art is not a cience of "swiching off" and mental borderlines. Its full of opportunities, openness, courageing and multi-sided power sources.
Worst emotion after experiencing art in action is aphathy. Art is not obligated to give only positive emotions. It can cause pain, depression,existencial uncertainty etc. Art plus life ecuals art.


Non Grata (Estonia), Framtidskonsten (SWE), Massma performance crew (swe)
Mariola Brillowska (De)Goodiepal (Dk), AngelikaFojtuch (Poland), Henrik stenberg, (SWE)
Pär Thörn (SWE), Voks (Dk), Joel Brindefalk (CPU),(swe)