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Performance festival 24 - 26 august
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Transform, change and wave good by. With transformation jackets that can change and surprise you Kajsa will send people off out in to the world.

Sara Lännerström "Social ljusskulptur"
Sara Lännerström - Social drawing of light.
Fleeting images of light beeing created with sparklers, humans and digital technics.

Hampus Pettersson creates "scent-spray graffiti"-pieces in the cities of Karlskrona and Ronneby. Both brashly manifesting himself in the public space while at the same time dispersing into the environment, the piece simultaneously celebrates and undermines graffiti culture and it's focus on the ego writ large for everyone to see.ure joy.

the Office: Framtidskonsten (Future of Art): .
Process based work in space and time. The Office of Framtidskonsten have landed on the streets of Karlskrona. Did it come from the future or from some other planet or even from a strange dimension that's similar but not the same as this one?

Non Grata (Est), Framtidskonsten (S), Massma performance crew (S)
Mariola Brillowska (De) Goodiepal (Dk), AngelikaFojtuch (Pol), Henrik stenberg, (S)
Pär Thörn (S), Voks (Dk), Joel Brindefalk ,(S) En Halv kokt i Folie(s), Alvars orkester(S)