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Performance festival 24 - 26 august
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Angelika Fojtuch på Ronnebygatan i Karlskrona den 25 augusti.

Angelika Fojtuch (PL)

Angelika Fojtuch, born 1978 in Gdynia, Poland discovered her interest in art 1993 at the highschool of art in Gdynia and dealed five years with sculptures. Since 1998 she studies at different polish art academies: in Toruñ, Kraków, Poznañ and Gdañsk. During her studies, her artistic interest orientates also on video, object, photography and finally performance, her todays main workingfield. 2005 she finished her art studies with the performance „Jaka Miłość Taka Sztuka“ as an absolvent of the art academy in Gdañsk of the class from Grzegorz Klaman. 

The curiosity is motor of Fojtuchs art works, that sends her again and again on expedition to discover, check and explore the unkown space. All what is known belongs to the past, but the spaces of the future must at first be developed, even if they are from a personal nature. The handling of a big scuplture as a woman, or the direct unforeseeable moment in an art performance are impulses of her art statement, that brings her always to the borders of herself and with that to the borders of the society.  

Like a tone enter into the ear and produce a directly effect, Angelika Fojtuch sees the force of the performance in a kind of an attack, that leaves the audience not indifferent but involeves them immediatly. In her performances she went consequent so far, that an artistc idea can often only excist real with the present audience.

The everday life in general, the daily meetings, events and realations were resource for Fojtuchs work. When for example in the performance „Święto Kobiet“ she persents herself in public like a cripple on the red-letter day for the women in poland, she reflects the everday life new and stimulate the thoughts, that open doors to further unkown spaces.  

Since  2004 Angelika Fojtuch got several awards for her performative works, a.o. for her performance „Święto Kobiet“ from the Fundacja Kultury of the republik of poland, as well as scholarships a.o. in Florence and Montescaglioso in Italy.

Already during her studies Angelika Fojtuch has passed her knowledge about the connections and relations of everday life and performance art in various workshops.

2006 she founded together with BBB Johannes Deimling the Forum for Performance Art PORT PERFORMANCE. The Port as a place of constant exchange between goods and persons, a daily in- and export of values is the basic idea to develope a forum for Performance Art in the baltic area. In Art Performances the port is the human body which exchanges his inside values with the outside world. This project realize educational and artistical events in different port cities.

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