ett galleri för samtidskonst

17 februari - 18 mars
Glädjespridaren +
Marcus Hansson

Art & depraved behaviour can always be a cause to annoyance. Why not both at at the same time? Marcus Hansson has, in a provocative avant-garde fashion tried to awaken the stumbling moralist by papering the gallery walls with ethno romatic pictures of naked primitives beautiful parks, banana farmers, monkeys, outdoor sex, horses, Izabella Scorupco, gay sex, forest, more forest, bee keepers, butterflies, penisies, bamboo trees, lemons.

Some of the pictures are upright some are laying down, all tenderly treated for like gods on a massmedial altar. It´s opposed to the cyber punk dystopia. This is an erotic utopia.

The assembled pictures reminds of Boch´s diabolical scenes from the paradise depicting the heretical adamites whom by actual promiscuity tried to return to the sate of innocence in which Adam was before the the fall of man.
What Marcus Hansson wants with his art is on the other hand not obvious.

Sinziana Ravini

Utställningen Glädjespridaren av Marcus Hansson bl.a. bjuder på Mozart in the jungle, Sisley, urinnevånare, fönster, picknick, apor, ormbunkar, ute-sex, råddjur, cykling, camping, tuppar, Nina Persson, Monets bro, Kenyaner, Kate Moss, åkgräsklippare, Min trädgård, bambu,fondtapeter, "mina skor är sönder kalasade" Diesel, camouflage, meloner, granskog, orientering + mer.

Det är en jungel av moderna myter som möter betraktaren.


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