ett galleri för samtidskonst

Jeanette Ehlers


Brief introduction to my work.

The digitalization makes it possible to experiment with new methods of understanding. My intention as a video artist is in a simple way to try to change the established order and thereby to contribute with a new way of seeing and perceiving.


The video “double me” is a pilot version of  the project “ triple me” .The installation “double me” originally consisted of a video loop and 15 photos . At this exhibition I changed it to one video loop and 2 photos.


The concept of these pieces is found footage which I digitally manipulated – the footage is my own personal material .I used super 8 footage from my childhood in the 70’s and sampled it  with footage of  today . The soundtrack is from the 80’s.My mother had the super 8 material put on VHS to preserve it and the firm who did it transfered to the music without asking. It leaves a very sentimental and nostalgic atmosphere to the film, which I like.
The project deals with compound and displaced TIME; past, present and future in a complex self  portrait.

Jeannette Ehlers ,2005